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A famous soccer player ends his carrier because of depression!


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She showed up on the red carpet and shocked everyone!

A great comeback of a young actress after she lost 37 lbs thanks to an absolutely innovative product that is now available on the market!

The world of celebrities is shocked by the news of their colleague Magdalene W. and the reason why she lost 37 lbs and thus regaining her old figure. Responsible for this is a new product that is available on the market. Unlike other popular among the elites weight loss methods, this one is completely safe, effective, and legal.

We’ve contacted Magdalene, who is a young actress and a partner of a rich businessmen, to dispel all doubts and primarily to find out if it is true that she had lost so many pounds. We’ve heard rumors about her pregnancy, some even said that she used antidepressants which result in fast weight gains.

„Nonsense! I did not fall into depression. Yes, gained weight after pregnancy. This happens to many women. And yes, everything is OK now. I’ve lost 37 lbs within a month and so I came back to my figure. After I had given birth to my daughter I tried not to show publicly, hence all the gossips, etc.”

How did you manage to lose weight so fast?

„Oh, this is not a secret. The product that I’ve used is legal and burns fast very quickly. It has nothing to do with tapeworms that ruin your health or any other strange methods. It is pure nature – cayenne pepper, green barley, garcinia cambogia, everything in ideal proportions. The product is called BurnBooster, it was recommended to by my dietitian – Jacob, who is quite famous in Poland. Most importantly, while using this product, you do not have to change your habits, diet, or spend hours at the gym to see the results.

Obviously, I was exercising to have even better results while taking this product. If someone does not like physical activities, then it is not necessary. I admit, 37 lbs within a month is quite an achievement, but Jacob said that such things really happen. Especially because this product does not only burn fat but also curbs appetite, boost metabolism, etc.. I find it amusing that people do not believe that it is possible to lose weight so fast just by taking one product.”

A dietitian confirms

„In order to confirm this case, we’ve contacted the mentioned Jacob. We’ve asked him about the product. “Yes, Magdalene lost weight with my help. The whole process was controlled and it was absolutely safe. She came to me with a problem and I gave her an effective solution. It is quite popular in the United States and now it is available worldwide. Magdalene wanted to lose weight fast and this product works exactly that way. Thanks to the fact that she was also exercising, the results she achieved are really impressive. I know a person who lost 13 lbs within 6 months, without changing a diet and with no exercises. Well, I recommend only absolutely proven products, because my prestige is on the line...”

It is clear now. Magdalen's weight loss treatment turned out to be true. We are happy to see that she managed to overcome such a serious problem in just a month, what makes us even more happy is the fact that she managed to do this in a completely safe way, because nowadays not every product works that way.

Burn Booster is now available worldwide and you can find out more about it on their official site: www.burnbooster.com

Joanna Wagner,
editor of the Celebrity World department



I am a person, who lost 15 lbs with no exercises. With burn booster you do not have to exercise or eat healthy. The results will probably not be so great, but the comfort was worth it. I’ve lost 15 lbs in a month and my friend 12 lbs (we ordered 2 packages together). Good results with not exercises.


I know that dietitian! This guy specializes in all those stars and he generally does not accept anyway. This is perhaps due to the lack of time and simply high earnings.


Hahaha so a tabloid revealed what the dietitian recommends to treat obesity? :D I think that he will lose some valuable clients now :D


This is true. But a dietitian's job is not only to help you lose weight. Every case needs to be treated differently, actresses and singers have so much money that they can afford such things.


I knew her before pregnancy, she looked amazing back then. It’s good to see that she came back to her previous weight.


I’ve used BurnBooster as well. I gained weight after my breakup, probably due to stress and lots of food. Later on I wanted to shed some pounds but I simply could not do it. My friend from Germany sent me Burn Booster, because it was not yet available in Poland. After 3 weeks I regained my old weight. I find it kind of funny that people try to make this capsules for elites only – it is available for everyone and it does not cost much.